FinTech Nucleus 2020

Published : 20 June 2020

Synergy: How Collaboration Matters, even in a Pandemic–the second edition of the FinTech Nucleus–explores how synergies and interactions among players in the FinTech industry, can drive the growth of the industry in Africa and optimise personalized value creation for customers, even with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Assessment of Government COVID-19 Mobile Applications in Nigeria

Published : May 2020

There have been mixed reactions about both governmental and private organisations use of apps to curb the COVID-19 pandemic, especially with respect to privacy and data protection. In Nigeria, we have seen…

A Quick Guide on the Data Protection Regime in Nigeria

Published : May 2020

As data becomes a highly sought commodity, more and more people are concerned about how their data is stored, processed, and transmitted. The advent of Big Data, availability of advanced data analytics tools, and surge in surveillance activities have transformed into a mass resuscitation of the desire to have data collected and processed only on legal bases and for specified purposes.

Trademark Registration: Understanding the Distinction Between Standard Character Mark and Stylised Mark

Published : February 2020

When registering a trademark, one of the most vital decisions that trademark owners must make is choosing whether to register the trademark as a standard character mark or as a stylised mark. Understanding the difference between these types of trademark is crucial. An incorrect choice can have serious unintended consequences in the short- and long-run.

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Law Practice in Africa

Published : February 2020

Law is the only self-regulated profession on earth. It has not changed much since the industrial revolution. It enjoys substantial immunity from outside challengers, particularly in comparison to other professions. This immunity is safeguarded by the enactment of protectionist professional rules and guidelines which govern civility, ethics, and protect lawyers from overthrow.

Fintech Nucleus 2019

Published : March 2019

With an estimated population of over 193 million, 162 million mobile subscribers, internet penetration rate at 84%, about 104.6 million internet users as of August 2018, and the financial exclusion rate standing at 41.6%, Financial Technology (“Fintech”) opportunities in Nigeria continue to deepen. In terms of funding, according to the Nigeria Startup Funding Report (Q3 2018), the total amount of investment in technology companies in the country within the periods starting Q1 to Q3 2018 stood at $118,463,785. Interestingly, 73% of this fund was investedin Fintech companies.

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